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HIG CAPITAL is a private equity group with over a decade of experience, bringing together innovative business solutions and ground-breaking research, with an eye to reaching maximum investment efficiency and smart capitalisation. The group's areas of expertise include the cutting-edge spheres of agriculture, biotech and nanotech as well as traditional areas such as real estate and business financing solutions.
Our ethically and intellectually balanced guidance allows businesses to establish lasting beneficial connections and cooperatively fulfil their potential.
We strongly believe in the power of synergy and consolidation: establishing business-to-business relations through our network of partners and associates as well providing a joint platform for various innovative projects to benefit from each other, we contribute to global sustainability and growth.
Agriculture & Agro technologies
High technologies
Bio-tech & Bio-chemistry
And various nancing solutions.
HIG CAPITAL works with a number of affiliated investors who are not equity holders in the firm.
The firm also incorporates an Investment Board whose members are affiliated with it in the role of joint investors. We seek to find the best possible investment solutions for our partners, enabling them to put money to good use from a financial, social and ethical perspective.

The HIG portfolio includes dozens of high-impact innovative companies, offering solutions in a vast array of fields, ranging from medicine to agrotech. We are convinced that the power of group investment lies in establishing synergetic connections and pooling ideas in a bid to maximise performance and boost companies' change-making potential.

High Tech
A consolidated London property agency, Ready Property International offers an all-in-one approach to operations in the property market, be it purchasing, selling, renting, letting or investing. Distinguished by a full commitment to the client's needs, Ready Property International offers exceptional levels of service and strives to accomplish outstanding results for its sellers, landlords, buyers and tenants.

The iNNOGING company focuses on developing a technological solution allowing doctors to view, analyse and navigate recorded ultrasound scans, as if originally made by them, thus reducing the chance of diagnostic error and improving treatment efficiency. Apart from the ultrasound analyser, a simulator is also in development, which will provide a cost-efficient way for students and industry professionals to hone their analysing skills.

Now a publically traded company, Qrons is focused on developing cutting-edge solutions for the treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI), with possible further implications for a wide range of neurodegenerative diseases. The combination of stem cell technologies, 3D-printing, smart materials and a novel delivery system developed by Qrons has the power to not only limit impairment in TBI patients but potentially regenerate damaged brain tissue.

A leading agricultural company with more than 900 employees in over 50 countries around the globe, Stoller is focused on researching and developing products and technologies to maximize the genetic expression of plants. Its customer-oriented culture and dedication to both experience and innovation resounds strongly with our core values.
Offering remote sensing solutions applicable within the forestry, agriculture and utilities industries, Sensilize enables land management professionals to take their game to the next level and rely on hard data when making decisions. Combining expertise in smart image analysis and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), the Sensilize team is there to adapt advanced tech to the needs of its clients, providing a simple, practical and cost-efficient decision support system.

Based in Luxembourg, UJET brings together a passion for technology, design and connectivity to produce a next-gen urban mobility solution, the two-wheeler of tomorrow. Smart, safe and stylish, the UJET represents a perfect synergy of individuality and technology.

TAG DOX is a versatile online platform, putting the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to use and enabling its users to process documents as efficiently as ever. Its tag-based system allows professionals to highlight essential as well as repetitive information across documents, also sharing and discussing it. It is estimated to reduce document review time and cost by no less than 25% through rationalising overlapping document review operations.

Hilberg is a London-based media company, offering the full spectrum of sound and video production services as well as event management. Striking a balance between professional experience and visionary inspiration, Hilberg's creative individuals are able to deliver unique and striking artistic material to please the most selective tastes.
HB – Media Production
Seestrasse 18,
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